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It's a slug all right...

...little slugger...

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marsten, or the merger between the longstanding MARjorie and kirSTEN (nifty, huh?) comedy duo, was founded many years ago, most likely while watching a sub-par movie lying on marjorie's couch, consuming copious amounts of food bought from the convenience store. today, their productivity has brought the world livejournal communities for both themselves and their favorite piece of furniture (marjories_couch), as well as other, lesser noted achievements. current aspirations for these two funky party animals are getting friend steven to listen to good music (or at least make him stop listening to country and get to a point where he can recognize beatles songs), hoping for a mass exodus of annoying people to bangladesh, and to provide adequate commentary while kirsten desperately attempts to win at computerized solitaire, thus attaining nirvana. otherwise, they enjoy partying "like fun"--although their definition of "party" is up to interpretation as it pretty much boils down to watching bad movies and baking vegan cookies.