Marjorie (daphneisgood) wrote in teh_marsten,

And now for some stunningly beautiful poetry written by the 6-year-old Marjorie Lynn Corbman (found in notebook written in France-- yes, David, in France!!!)


A poam [sic] for you.

Roses are
red violets are
blue. I hope you're
happy and I am
too. I am Marjorie.
I am good at reading.
Are you? I like to
swim. Do you? I hope
you do. and I love you.
I hope you love birds and trees and
deer and all the amimals [sic] and plants.
But if you just care
for mony [sic] I will
not know you.


[Note: Here I apparently wrote a poem and then a revised version. I will here show you both.]

First Draft:

I love mothter [sic]
nature. Do you? If
you don't know
what it is then
I'll tell you some
words that are mothe-
r nature. Trees grass
leaves flowers I am
nature. You are natu-
re air cats dogs snow
there they
are nature. every
thing that god made
is nature. I love nature.

Revised Version:

I love mother nature.
How about you? In
mother nature I especially love trees
grass flowers I am
nature. You are
too. air cats dogs snow. Everything was
once made of na-
ture. I love natu-
re and I bet
you do too now.


I don't know if it much improved... however... 'tis beautiful!!!

I love how I, like, have not changed.


NOW... TO CONTINUE THE... "SNOWED-IN MARSTEN PAR-TAY" (TM)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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